Cuban Missile Crisis: Week of Action

Sixty years ago this week (October 15, 2022), the world narrowly averted World War III which would have most likely evolved into nuclear annihilation. While the Cuban Missile Crisis is taught in high school classes, most of us under the age of 60 have no idea about the fear and tension that the Crisis created not just for political leaders but citizens, and most particularly children. If you know someone who was alive during that time, you may want to ask them to share their personal reflections.

With the war in Ukraine-Russia, mankind is again facing the risk of nuclear annihilation. Peace Action Montgomery joined a number of organizations who this week launched a bold and persistent campaign with members of Congress and the public advocating for diplomacy and de-escalation strategies to reduce the tensions of war and the threat of nuclear launches. Below are a few of these events.

Meetings with Maryland Congressional Delegation

Meeting with Senator Van Hollen’s Aide. Peace Action Montgomery joined the effort which was led by Maryland Peace Action and Physicians for Social Responsibility. The delegation also met with aides in Congressmen Raskin and Trone’s offices as well as Senator Cardin’s office.

Vigil/Leafleting at Silver Spring Farmers Market

Peace Action Montgomery joined Veterans for Peace and interns with the Green New Deal to leaflet and engage with residents at the Farmer’s Market.

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