Promote Diplomacy in Iran and Korea

Problem Statement

The US has moved away from using diplomacy and other alternatives to military might in terms of conflict-resolution within the international world. There is also an erosion of safeguards (e.g., limiting preemptive strike authority).

Broad-based economic sanctions against North Korea, even on humanitarian supplies have been delaying life-saving aid to ordinary people in North Korea and Iran. During the COVID-19 pandemic today, these delays represent a threat to global health.

Our Work-Diplomacy, Diplomacy, Diplomacy

Korea: Promote Diplomacy and Ease Sanctions Given the COVID Epidemic— Peace Action Montgomery is an ally to the Korean Peace Network and have joined them in advocating for the “No Unconstitutional War Against North Korea Act of 2020” and the “Cosponsor the Enhancing North Korea Humanitarian Assistance (ENKHA) Act.” The Korean Peace Network’s agenda are the result of consultations and lessons learned from civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, international coalitions, policy analysts, activists, and officials from the U.S., North Korea, and South Korea.

Iran: Promote Diplomacy — National Peace Action’s “Talk or War” was an important contributor to changing US policy towards diplomacy will helped launch the Iran Deal. The current administration has been taking actions to dismantle the deal and put us again on the precipice of War. Peace Action Montgomery has been working with our Maryland chapter partners and the National Peace Action on actions to educate the public about the dangers and to have our elected officials continue in their support of diplomacy.

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