Ending Middle East Wars and Economic Sanctions


Problem Statement

The US is engaged in war (or war activities) in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. For Afghanistan and Iraq, these wars have been going on since 2001 (or a lifetime for a US teenager).

In addition, we have initiated sanctions against Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. Both war and sanctions disproportionately hurt the civilian population. Some key points on sanctions

  • Sanctions take an extensive toll on civilians
  • Sanctions contribute to the spread of COVID
  • Sanctions have never achieved “regime change”.
  • “Maximum pressure” should be replaced by “maximum diplomacy”. 

Our Work

Peace Action Montgomery has been engaged in advocacy with our Maryland Congressional representative to:

  • Co-sponsor HR 5879 to give Congress oversight on sanctions imposed by the president.
  • Co-sponsor S. 3918 and HR 7218 to expedite the provision of humanitarian assistance to the people of North Korea.
  • To advocate publicly for sanctions relief for a broad array of nations.  It is the right thing to do at this time.
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