Resources about ACES and Trauma-Informed Care

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Study and Trauma-Informed Care

The ACES study is a framework for understanding how important it is to address violence and trauma. Elected officials, schools, law enforcement and others are learning about it and how to address it through trauma-informed care approaches. But many peace and racial equity activists are not familiar with it. Your video should briefly explain what ACEs is and sell to the activist community why it is important to use this framework into their activism….like a commercial. Your audience has probably never heard of ACES before.

Since you can’t provide all the information in a 3-5 minute video, try to narrow your focus and maybe suggest how your audience can learn more. For example, you can focus on why a particular activist community (anti-war, racial inequity, immigration) might want to use it. Or how other communities have used it. Below are some resources to help you understand the issue.

About ACES

Overview Video (5 minutes)

Toxic Stress Video (2 minutes)

Historical Trauma video (6 minutes)

About Trauma Informed Care

Six principles that activists should advocate

About Communities and Agencies Using Trauma-Informed Care

Baltimore City Task Force and Coalition

Newark’s Police Department’s Trauma to Trust

Massachusetts Elementary Schools

High School

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