Ask Aruna Miller to Return Donations from Hindutva Leaders

Don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value.

Joe Biden

Our Campaign

Miller’s former treasurer is a large donor to her Lt. Gov campaign and was the co-host of two Hindutva events she was involved in.
He is seen here at an OFBJP gathering to celebrate the visit of BJP General Secretary.

Aruna Miller is campaigning to be the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor on the Wes Moore for Governor ticket. Since 2018, Ms. Miller has received over $60K from leaders in the Hindutva movement and India’s Fascist BJP party, led by its current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Associated organizations include the RSS with the HSS, HAF and OFBJP. In January 2022, she received at least $16K from these donors for her current campaign.

The Hindutva is a racist Ultra National political ideology that espouses the same dangerous beliefs as the KKK, Proud Boys, and other white nationalists. They have a brutal paramilitary (the RSS) which has had violent attacks against Indian Muslims, Dalits, Christians, LBGTQ+ and Sikh communities to “realize” their nationalistic beliefs. The Hindutva were responsible for the Gujarat pogram which killed up to 3,000 Indian Muslims as well as the assassination of Gandhi. They have both historically and currently been engaged in the harassment, displacement, and terrorizing of millions of non-Hindu Indians.

Join us in asking the Moore/Miller campaign to publicly denounce the Hindutva and return the money they received from Hindutva leaders. Maryland political candidates should not benefit financially from leaders of any supremacist organizations, whether it is the KKK, Proud Boys or the Hindutva.

Lowering the Violent Footprint in Montgomery County

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What People Say about Hindutva (Hindu Fascism)

U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA)

“It’s the duty of every American politician of Hindu faith to stand for pluralism, reject Hindutva, and speak for equal rights for Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist & Christians. That is the vision of India my grandfather Amarnath Vidyalankar fought for.”

Arundhati Roy, Author and Human RIghts Activist

The [policies and practices] of the RSS —the wellspring of Hindu nationalism, and the parent of Narendra Modi’s BJP Party— is what Germany’s 1935 Nuremberg Laws were for the Third Reich.

Sunita Viswanath, Executive Director, Hindus for Human Rights

The Modi government stands for “a fascist India” “The majority community must wake up,…if Hindus don’t participate, it’s impossible to fight Hindutva.”

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